What is that big white blue roof building on the hill? This is our home, which is viewed from a height between Bernardin and Portorož. You can reach it from Beli Križ or Fizin by the petrol station, and it is located in Sončna pot 20. It is only a few minutes' walk to the Electro and Maritime School and nearby faculties.


The residence hall, which was renovated in 2016, is the place of residence of both male and female students. In addition to the rooms, the resident students may use a large and a small lecture hall, a club room and a small fitness room. In the afternoon, the resident students are accompanied by educators, who ensure that the lessons and leisure activities are held regularly.

During the summer time we are a starting point and resting place for tourists, athletes, travellers, cyclists, motorcyclists and everyone else who chooses to stay at our place for a vacation.


At our place you may also treat yourself to a delicious lunch.




Address: Sončna pot 20, 6320 Portorož

E-mail contacts: dd.portoroz@guest.arnes.si,

Telephone contacts: (05) 671 22 40

Website:  http://dijaski.geps.si/

Hall of residence manager: Sabina Kravos Jugovac (sabina.kravos-jugovac@guest.arnes.si)



  • Working hours: every workday during schoolyear 13:00 – 21:30

  • E-mail contacts dd.portoroz@gmail.com

  • Telephone contacts: 041 722 394