Villa Piranesi, located in the old harbour of Piran, has been home to Aquarium Piran for more than for­ty years. The aquarium was founded in 1964 when Društvo akvaristov Slovenske obale (The Associa­tion of Aquarists of the Slovenian Coast) started ren­ovating the old building of Pomorska in ribiška šola (the Maritime and Fishing High School) at Ribiški trg (Fishing Square) viewing over the inner part of the harbour. The aquarium started operating in 1967, when it came in hands of the Maritime High School, which used it as a work laboratory and fishing work­shop.

In the 90s, the ravages of time were quite apparent in rooms, equipment and other installations. The management of the Aquarium and The Maritime H i gh School started thinking about its complete renova­tion. After years of preparations and talks, the ren­ovation started in 2008 and was completed on 12 October, 2009. The aquarium got a new look.

New and spacious rooms have twenty-five tanks, il­luminated with artificial light, which show the marine organisms in their best natural colours. Total volume of the tanks is 80,000 litres (80 m3), They contain 80 different native species of fish as well as 120 na­tive species of invertebrates.

The Aquarium management works hard to ensure best living conditions for the organisms living in cap­tivity.

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Fotografije: Manja Rogelja