The hostel (a dorm for high school and university students) Is situated on a small hill at Sončna ces­ta street between Bernardin and Portorož. It boasts with the most spectacular view over Portorož and Pi­ran’s Bay. It Is only five-minute walk away from the school, and ten minutes to Portorož.

In the past many students who attended our school came from distant towns and villages, therefore they needed accommodation. They first lived in the hostel in Žusterna (Koper) as the school was at that time situated there. When the school moved to Piran, students were accommodated in a hostel close to the school. In 1981, a new hostel was built at  Sončna pot 20 Street in Portorož. Students and hostel staff had a better place to live and study.

Today the hostel also offers rooms to university stu­dents, who attend faculties and higher education
institutions in our region. The hostel has 28 single, double and triple bedrooms with the 191 beds, and shared bedrooms for larger organized groups. The hostel is built in four floors; each floor is divided into the left and right corridor.

The corridors have a series of rooms that share a bathroom, toilets and kitchen. On every floor, there is a classroom with the Internet access. The ground floor has shared rooms used for free time activities such as the dining room, library and reading room, fitness room and trim cabinet, outdoor basketball court and the gym in the vicinity.

In the summer, the hostel opens its door to tourists. This place is an ideal starting point to see sights, beautiful beaches and amazing landscape.

The area offers endless opportunities to do different water-sports activities.


Schedule: vsak delovni dan 8:00-15:00, VZGOJITELJI: od 13.00 do 21.30


Telephone: (05) 671 22 40, VZGOJITELJI: 041 722 394

Head of the home: Sabina Kravos Jugovac (

Address: Sončna pot 20, 6320 Portorož

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