VHF GMDSS boat radio station course

A marine radio is an important piece of safety equipment to have on board and it is vital to understand the correct operational procedures.

On a boat that has a radio station with a digital selective call at very high frequencies, a person must have:
- a certificate of competency to manage the VHF GMDSS station

An applicant who wants to pass an exam must be at least 16 years old. Written application with attachments is filed with the Administration.
The examination program determines the theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part is performed orally and consists in examining the knowledge from all the contents of the exam program. The practical part of the examination includes the subject of work at the VHF GMDSS station or on the simulator of knowledge testing from the transmission and reception of a distress signal emitted by a coastal radio station or ship in distress, broadcasting and receiving communications at the distress scene and the transmission and reception of general radio communication with coastal stations or other vessels.

The VHF GMDSS exam is conducted at the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.