According to STCW  A-II/1

Officer in charge of navigational watch on ship of 500 GT or more

Since Its establishment, our school has been offer­ing education to future seamen and sea women with so-called nautical technician program. This school program gives essential knowledge and skills for jobs such as a deck officer and master.

The program Includes general and professional sub­jects whose aim Is to enable future seamen to navi­gate safely any kind of ship all the seas of the world. Our school offers good general and vocational edu­cation, raises students in good values and enriches them with excursions and new experiences.

Classes are conducted in well-equipped classrooms, on navigation and mechanical engineering simula­tors, in our boathouse and on different school's ves­sels (rowing, sailing and motor boats) on the sea. Modules, which deal with search, rescue and surviv­al issues, are carried out on the sea In different seasons throughout the year.

After three years of studying, students serve ap­prenticeship on board either on an ocean-going ship or a ship of coastal navigation. Once vocational matura exam done and a year apprenticeship finished, students take a special exam and become deck officers. Now they can choose to work on various ships. Our school also organizes internationally rec­ognized courses and trainings.

The program qualifies also for other jobs that are connected with maritime Industry as well as pre­pares students for further (higher) education.