Train the simulator trainer and assessor training

The qualification and experience of the instructor will play an important role just as its application to any course. Although, it is not only understood but implied as well, a seafaring background is a must. However, a seafaring background alone cannot be considered sufficient. What is necessary is an aptitude for maritime simulator training – an aptitude to pass on the knowledge. If one sees the level of maritime courses, i.e. courses for seagoing staff (short/specialized), seagoing staff (advanced), maritime safety/pollution prevention (administration), shipping company staff, long courses or STCW certificate courses, one would appreciate that the potential instructor will have to amalgamate his/her practical seafaring background with knowledge of pedagogy to be in a position to transfer knowledge.  
Ideally, those entering the course will have had some experience in training, although those who are about to enter the profession would also be suitable. The balance of new entrants to experienced participants will affect the nature of the course and the instructor should be made aware of this aspect well in advance. It is also preferred that the trainee has completed IMO Model Course 6.09 – Training Course for Instructors or a similar programme in which the underlying concepts and the principles of the pedagogical processes are dealt with.
Objective of this course include the planning and preparation of effective teaching and instruction; the selection of appropriate methods of instruction and teaching materials and evaluation of the teaching and learning process.
Course content:

    • Understand and describe how STCW 2010 requires competence-based training
    • Plan and effective teaching environment
    • Use a range of teaching methods effectively
    • Use appropriate training aids
    • Produce a relevant lesson plan
    • Evaluate teaching and learning
    • Design a course of study

Entry standards: In addition to having basic knowledge of computer systems and IMO Regulations, trainees should have also complied with section A-I/6.4.1-2 of the STCW Code.

Duration: 4 Days. The course is a full 4 days programme and attendance for the whole duration of the course is essential in order to be deemed competent.
Certification: Train the trainer and acessor certificate; valid unlimited.
Cost: 900 €


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