Presentation of the Electro and Maritime School Portorož

The Electro and Maritime School is located in Portorož, above the main road and with a stunning view of the Piran Bay, where the future navigators and electricians have been educated and trained since 1962. The school runs two four-year high school professional programmes, Nautical Technician and Electrical Technician, and a three-year professional programme, Electrician. The programmes enable students to gain a lot of professional, general and practical knowledge.


Considering that the school was founded in 1947, it has a long tradition and today is the only maritime school in the country. Consequently, the special feature of our school is the fact that we welcome both students from all over Slovenia and foreign students. Our programmes are future-oriented since, by the knowledge we offer and enrich our students with, we connect and develop the world.


Vision of the Electro and Maritime School Portorož

The school wishes to build bonds of cooperation with the economy and professional institutions in the domestic and international environment and accordingly cultivate its visibility. It wishes to provide students with lessons with active learning methods and forms of work, and to educate students who are eager to learn, diligent, responsible and knowledgeable in both their professional field and beyond.

Why to choose the Electro and Maritime School Portorož?

  •  employability in the labour market
  • good results at the vocational Matura exams
  • morning lessons
  • well-trained teachers
  • mutual respect and cooperation
  • textbook funding
  • proximity of the sea
  • international student exchange programmes
  • proximity of the residence hall
  • excursions at home and abroad
  • direct bus to school
  • modern classrooms, laboratories, simulator and boathouse
  • school gyms
  • organised hot and cold school snacks