Electricity is an indispensable part of our everyday life. We often become aware of its significance only when it runs out. Technological development and progress constantly surprise us. There is no end in sight to new achievements and new technologies which dictate and demand more and more technical knowledge.


An electrician is a profession which is crucial in our everyday life. Electricity drives the world and an electrician ensures it does not stop. You will learn how electricity is produced, how it is transmitted, how it is converted into useful forms in machines, how to assemble electronic and energy modules, circuits and devices, how to programme and test them, and how electronic and energy devices (air conditioners, security cameras, alarms, solar cells…) are installed.


You will be skilled at working with electrical installations and you will be also introduced to the increasingly used smart installations.


What are the job opportunities? We undoubtedly expect the chosen profession to ensure an interesting job in a friendly environment and a good standard of living. These expectations can be met, both today and in the future, by the professions in the field of electricity and electrical engineering.


Students have a good career perspective as these professions are increasingly in demand and valued. There is no company in the economy, crafts and all other activities that does not need experts in this field. This profession also provides the students with an independent business pathway with a wide range of useful skills. The profession of an electrician is especially in demand in our immediate environment, because education in this specific field was not obtainable before. Development trends in the electrical industry, civil engineering, power industry, security and protection of property show that in the future there will certainly be promising professions that involve transmission and distribution of electricity and its rational use.


Experienced electricians can be promoted to supervisors, they can become project managers, many set up their own businesses, and many are employed as electrical inspectors.


Now is the right time to take the opportunity and acquire a profession which opens many doors both in your professional career and in regards of your further education. The profession of an electrician is on the list of deficit professions in Slovenia since the requirements on the labour market are still increasing. The students enrolling in this programme may receive a state scholarship.


If you have a passion for technology and electrical engineering arouses special interest in you, you can choose one of the professions for which we educate and train at our school. With our knowledge, experience, modern learning technology and a lot of will and commitment, we will help and guide you to achieve your goal.