Creator izobraževanje učiteljev

CREATOR - Izobraževanje učiteljev 3. in 4. januarja 2019 na GEPŠ Elektro in pomorski Šoli Portorož



CREATOR - Teacher TRAINING from 3. - 4. 11. 2019 Gat EPŠ Electrical and Nautical Unit in Portorož

In the above mentioned two days a workshop was taking place to train teachers about implementing Entrepreneurship education in schools. The guideline for the training was the Teaching Handbook created in the Creator project, where teachers could see innovative and fresh methods with which students could be taught about Entrepreneurship. In the first day, teachers had a quick review of the whole project and after a quick overview of the Handbook, too, participants were given a task (improve the mood in the scholastic cafeteria) to fulfill till the next day with one of the methods that were described in the Teaching Handbook.

The next day everybody came back with everything they have written down and after a brainstorming session, we tried the so-called SCAMPER method.

In the end, we had a look at the differences between business models and business plans as well, so that we would see the benefits of using the business model and how students would probably learn with it the basics of Entrepreneurship in an easier and more graphical way.